Lost Boys Tattoo is a co-operative studio space for tattooers founded by Ash Timlin in the summer 2017.

We are nestled in a sunny second floor office bordering Cabbagetown. The space is private and by appointment only, ensuring the utmost attention and care is given to each client and we strive to create an inclusive and safe environment for all of our patrons.

Lost Boys Tattoo is compliant and up to date with Toronto’s bylaw regulations and is health board inspected/approved. We exclusively use single-use/disposable materials.

We are currently seeking a full or part-time resident artist to join us in our space. Applicants must have a strong portfolio, their own client base, and be able to uphold the high standards of customer care and professionalism that we provide. Please send applications to lostboystattoo.to@gmail.com.

Artists interested in guesting with us can contact Ash or Joey for more information and availability. We offer excellent day rates and optional booking and email assistance.